Construction Software Capabilities Checklist

Today’s construction industry is more competitive than every and margins are tighter than ever. Companies are looking for ways to increase productivity and profitability, and one way to see some big gains is by ensuring that you have the right software and are using it properly. The purpose of this article is to highlight several critical capabilities that can make or break a construction company and will help you identify if your current software is contributing to your bottom line negatively or positively.Job Cost Functionality: Simply, the more accurately you can track job costs, the more profitable you can be as a contractor.Things to check for:* Easy to produce job cost projections
* Warning systems that notify concerned parties if/when jobs get off track
* Real time access to costs incurred for jobs to-date.Project Management: Ideally, you want a construction software system that automates as much of project management as possible. Any changes that are made should be automatically reflected on contracts and invoiced without requiring more actions from the construction company. This not only improves efficiency, but also ensures that things are not overlooked.Things to look for:* A easy to access database that tracks jobs in detail
* Easy to use forms that produce submittals, RFIs, change requests, and so on.
* The ability to track change orders from initial RFI to invoiceService Management: If your company provides service work, it is imperative that your technology provides the support that you need and enhances your customer service. Not only will your company reputation increase, but you should see a big increase in ROI when this kind of technology is used effectively.Things to look for:* Streamlined billing processes that can be automated and easily tracked
* Advanced technology like GPS or similar tracking systems that can communicate with mobile devices and exchange data in real timeReporting: Reporting is one of the most important, yet often overlooked abilities of construction management software packages. If you have software that produces inferior reports, your bottom line suffers in the form of lost time. Reporting should be easy, real-time, flexible, and customizable for the unique business needs that we all have.Things to look for:* Exhaustive lists and abilities to create standard reports
* Ability to create custom reports to user specifications
* The ability to create summary reports for management that are capable of drilling down to the most minute detailsIntegration: Good software is that much better when it can communicate with other areas of the business. Being able to integrate your construction software with software from accounting, for example, can provide the kind of view of your company that you need to increase profits.Things to look for:* Flexible reporting
* Ability to collaborate with enterprise-wide systems to put everyone on the same page
* Ability to lower administrative overhead via increased levels and speed of communication with other areas of the business.Is your Software a Profit-Driver or Profit Killer?By taking the time to determine how well your software provides the real-time job information that you need to make the most informed decisions you will be able to answer this question. Check for things like streamlined workflow, automated processes, and other things mentioned above to determine if your current software is adequate or if it is time to invest in some new construction software.

Construction Dumpster Rental Keeps Your Business Flowing During Renovations

Every construction project involves tons of trash and rubble. You can enjoy order and cleanliness during an environmental construction project by renting a dumpster. This is the quickest and easiest way to remove trash and debris. Excellence and beautification at your business sight is possible; it does not have to look trashy, dirty and unkempt. Excellence in every construction process is achievable through the usage of an appropriately sized and quickly removed dumpster at your location.Environmental safety is the number factor of importance for employers and employees while working in this type of environment. As customers approach your environment for business, beautification is the key to a successful business deal. An on sight construction dumpster rental is the answer to a well keep environment. If your business is located in Washington DC area you can call for a Maryland dumpster rental: you can also go online and request a quickly delivered dumpster rental. Business can still continue to run smoothly in the midst of the construction and renovation at your business sight.There are various Maryland dumpster rentals available with a vehicle that is designed to carry and dispose of bulk materials. These dumpster are distinguished from dump trucks by configuration. Large dumpsters can be placed in the location of your choice at your business sight. Next day delivery options make cleanup easy and efficient; you can call and achieve a next day delivery of your dumpster. Quick pickup of a full dumpster is also an asset to construction dumpster rental. Using a construction dumpster rental makes trash disposal much easier and efficient as it does not require debris to be left on your property which is your place of business.Keep your business environment clean and danger free with the usage of a construction dumpster rental. Your business can look its best even during construction and renovation during business hours by consistently placing all disposed items into the dumpster. Dumpsters are available for a clean and smooth transition from destruction and demolition to a well kept environment. Your construction process can be made easier with a dumpster. Varieties of sizes are available; choose a size that will best suite your trash removal needs. Keep your business up and going while under-going construction by keeping all trash and debris safely located in a dumpster.

How Embracing a Construction Site Safety Plan Can Benefit You

The generation of a construction health and safety plan can offer many benefits to a company which is looking to save both time and cash whilst making sure the safety of their associates. Support of such a program aids in establishing a foundation in the construction environment that your company supports a safe working environment and expects the same from their employees while on the job.Usually support of a construction site safety plan results in a decrease in the job injures and mishaps which will save a business cash over the long-term and help in meeting all construction deadlines. The truth is when construction health and safety plans aren’t created or supported it opens the door for accidents to occur, costing your business money and normally delaying deadlines.So what is the very best opportunity for a company looking to take advantage of the opportunities that exist with the support of the construction site safety plan? Following the generation of the plan its essential to get the message of safety out to your employees so as to implement it’s efficiency. Whether or not you’re looking to deliver that message in a broad format or a lot more intimate setting with smaller groups, its essential that your message be understood regarding the support and responsibility of construction health and safety plans.Normally the size of a staff in a larger construction format demands that a company use the broad dispersement format, however the more intimate setting ought to be utilized when possible to capture complete focus and make sure your message of safety is distributed.In addition to your plans of dispersing the significance of the construction site safety plan, it is also vital that your plan meet the regulations of the area you are working. Each location and every job usually have a different set of rules you have to follow and whilst they may be similar in nature, their differences prohibit generic production.Several businesses try to legal resources to help in the creation of these construction health and safety plans, however this might not always be beneficial to the company. While these resources could assist in creating accurate documentation, the high expense and amount of time related to that generation result in a loss for the company.Till now there have been not many alternatives for a company seeking to generate a construction site safety plan outside the legal solution.Utilizing years of construction experience, a new opportunity has been created with a template program which would allow a business to easily generate their own construction health and safety plan. This will save a business time and cash as they seek the advantages found with supporting safety in the workplace.